Friday, July 23, 2010

6 Birthday Give Aways

I came up with a brilliant idea last night. There are only 6 months left until I turn 60. I am going to try my very best to give away 60 things before my birthday, but 6 art pieces, I am going to give away on my blog, one a month until my birthday. It is far more rewarding to give than to receive. 
If you would like to take part in this give away, please email me with all your details. All you have to do to qualify is to tell me in great detail which was the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY you ever had and answer this one question. How old is old? :o)
This is going to be fun.

I haven't done much in the way of digital manipulations for a while now. This one was a challenge on Digital Whisper, which I did last night. I need to get back into it again.

Okay, so back to the give aways. Anyone who knows me will know that I find giving things away REALLY easy and have given away a lot more than 60 'things' this year already. Don't be tempted to pat me on the back and say , 'oh how kind and generous Caryl is' - this is all part of my illness that I am trying so hard at the moment to find a cure for. I would give the last crumb off my plate, the shirt off my back and the hour in my day, to anyone in need. For 60 years I believed, that was a good thing, any good Christian person would do that.  Hummm... I think God is always concerned with the motives behind our actions and my motives are being severely challenged at the moment. I feel as though I am being whittled away to nothing. My soul is bare and my heart is bruised from all the revelations that are comming out in my therapy sessions.
I remember many years ago while 'sharing' with another troubled soul, he said
When a heart is sincere in it's desires and intentions
time will reward it.


Violet said...

Hi Caryl,
What a wonderful idea! And all the things you are learning... that will bring healing and new inspiration and hope.

Please come over and enter my give-away too!


Marilyn said...

Caryl, will you email me and share how you did this digital manipulation? It's wonderful.