Sunday, January 23, 2011

DJ Pettitt

My favourite blog of all time is DJ Pettitt. I met her this time last year when I did a Digital workshop with her. if you don't already know her, then you don't know what you are missing out on. She is one of the most beautiful internet friends I have... inside and out. Go make yourself a cuppa, settle down infront of your computer and pay her a visit... her work is exquisite.
Look at this beautiful Journal she made in December.
Please take some time to follow all her links and you will see some of the most amazing work she does. She is also a very keen photographer taking the most incredible macro photographs. I adore her work.


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

OMG, her work is absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely go over and visit her blog!!! I just stopped by to thank you for joining us as a follower... I had a little time so I browsed thru some of your blog, some of it made me laugh and others made me cry! I will be back to visit some more, and now I'm your newest follower!
Blessings~~~ Daphne

bois-fleurie said...

Looked at your very favourite blog and how I wish I could have gone on one of her workshops.Finished my first journal just befor Xmas and made endless mistakes trying to find ways to do it.
Am enjoying your blog very much.