Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In Loving Memory of My Mother

My mother passed away on the 24th of February 1991. When I read the book WOMAN WHO RUN WITH WOLVES I thought so much about her. I found this website and even the music brings back memories of my mother and her exotic taste in foods and all things eastern. My mother was a Christian but I think she had her roots deep in the soil of India because she never forgot all that she experienced there as a young girl growing up in India. She even learned to speak Urdu at school. I am sorry that I did not ask more questions when she was still alive.  I am still a little confused because she spoke of going to school in India but she was born in Puna which I think is in Burma.
I watched  a program on TV yesterday about China and felt very nostalgic about my father too, he was born in Peking. How sad, that we do not take advantage while we can, to know our parents a little more as people and not simply as Mother and Father.

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