Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Tree?

Oh dear faithful Christmas tree where are you. Packed away with last years dust into a tiny box that has held you a prisoner for 362 days. I am sorry that I find no enthusiasm to release you and share you with my friends and family, but I do not have the energy. I thought it fun when the children were small and Christmas was festive but not any more. I know that I should change my attitude....for the sake of my grand daughter.
So tomorrow, even if it is a little late, I will hall you out, dust you off and throw some sparkled jewels all over you. You will look good for Christmas day when the family arrive. I don't promise that I will make the effort next year either. But if not, I promise I will hand you lovingly over to a family who will appreciate your splender, and give you, if not me the opportunity to be HAPPY at Christmas.

Christmas Journal

So this is Christmas and I have had a good year, filled with the good life and sometimes a tear. 2007

I have so many things to look forward to in 2008 that I need to focus or might just get bogged down with things that aren't important. So my word for the New Year is VISION.