Friday, September 17, 2010

The shocking truth about abuse

I am infuriated. Once again there are two more cases of abuse in South Africa. High profile people who get away with it because they have the money to pay for expensive attorneys. I am not talking about the thousands, I am talking about two well known people. How long will this continue around the world. I can never be silent about this. I am sorry to shock on my blog, the place that I try to share my own recovery with others who have been in the same situation. I have heard of two more cases today and the likelyhood of these men getting away with it, is an absolute given. I am furious.
To hear that woman provoked this abuse sickens me to my stomach. Please I beg you do not igore the pleas of those who are hurting and trying to escape from their abusive partners. The control is so strong and I have fallen prey myself to the charm of my abuser, many times. Waiting for the day that he will say...I am sorry... I was wrong, that has still not happened, still today.
God forgive me but I would kill the man who did this to any of my children. As long as I am alive and breathing, I will protect them, even though I was unable to protect them or myself when I lived with it, for 25 years.
This is such a serious problem and I know that many people just cannot understand why anyone would stay. But until you have been there, you will never know the control that these men have on their victims. Their charm is convincing, their promises to change are constant, but their confessions of guilt are absent and their blame toward the victim eternal.
The media was told that these bruises were from plastic surgery which was authenticated by a plastic surgeon. Please...  how could any intelligent person believe this?
I am sorry, but I work so hard with my organisation to try and help other victims but when I hear of high profile people getting away with it, what chance does the average woman have?
As you can see from these photo's the bruises are old and have begun to heal, I don't want to tell you what they looked like immediately after the incidents !


Say It In Color said...

I am in the midst of reading your wonderful honest book....and I hear you and would do the same for my children as you thing I KNOW...they may get away with it here, BUT their day will come and they will not get away with it and suffer like no is in the scriptures...they don't believe it now....but will some day....when there is no way out for is not our doing but the Lords....keep up the good work....I bought two books, finally, one to read and one to give away...and pass are a treasure to me and to the Lord Himself....He gets it too....

Patti said...

This is so sad and I completely understand your anger. The men that do this to women will pay before God. There is no excuse for abuse.

I belong to a project for battered women. It is called the Comfort Doll Project. Just a small group but I am proud to be part of it. Comfort Dolls are handmade and sent to shelters across the world. A small doll made with love. These dolls are to show the battered women and children that someone cares about them and that there is hope and love in this world.

I was in abusive marriage for 5 years so I know the circle that they go through.

Thanks for sharing this information

Patrina's Pencil said...

Your anger is justified! I have a strong sense of Justice on this matter as well. I was a peer counselor for battered women for 17 years before I finally realized that I too was one of them. Not the physical abuse like this but all the other 5 types - I experienced. I was married 26 years myself.

I'll visit your other site against abuse - soon

thanks for speaking up!

Just wondering, how did you find my blog??

God bless -
Patrina <")>><

heather said...

Abuse is just dreadful. I've posted shocking images of women on Facebook who have been disfigured as a result of acid being thrown in their face. There are virtually no prosecutions for these horrendous crimes. I can totally understand your outrage. Outrage is what is needed if we are really going to make inroads into zero toleration of abuse

Warren Baldwin said...

Linked here from the Old Geezer's blog, which we both follow.

You have an amazing blog. This post is so open and honest. This subject needs to be discussed more for young girls and women to become educated about. It is one of the great tragedies of our time. I'm a minister and I've had to deal with this a coupe of times. It is so difficult. My compliments to you for having he courage to write about it and elevate public awareness.