Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tough Times

The past few weeks haven't been really happy ones. My eldest daughter went into hospital on Monday for a very serious operation. She seems to be doing fine and we are all keeping an eye on her and praying every minute of every day. I don't want to go into details here on my blog.

I must say, when I am feeling low, I love reading everyone else's blog and seeing all the beautuful work that everyone does. It cheers me up considerably.

I have been doing a ton of art work recently and will post some pictures tomorrow.


Martha Lever said...

Hi Caryl,
Thanks so much for your comment today and I am glad it gave you some happy memories! I am SO glad your daughter is doing fine but I am sure that was scary and hard. God blessings to you.

Inspiring Others said...

Hello Caryl,
I hope the sun is shinning for you today!. I'm on the same boat...I just receive news of my mother having third time "CANCER". It's hard to see our love ones sufferings and in pain. Just REACH up high, pray and ask!!! Hope your daughter gets better soon. Keep you in my prayers and thoughts.
BTW, love the book, you are so very inspiring...
Big Hug,

Anonymous said...

Caryl, have been thinking of you and your daughter....I pray everything continues to go well.

Marilyn said...

Caryl, I'll keep you and your daughter in my thoughts and prayers.