Friday, August 20, 2010

Paul Newman

When asked how come his marriage survived the test of time....Paul Newman replied, "This is a throw-away society. We throw away children, friends, marriage, enough trash to sink the planet and anything else we don't want. How sad is that truth?

He then went on to say that in his generation  they seldom threw things away but 'things' everything, was repaired and that was why his marriage was such a success, they fixed the problems when they occured.
We all want to advance in life, but so much can be learned from the elderly. Let us not delete them as quickly as we do everything else.

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Martha Lever said...

This is so true! This really is a throw away society and--unfortunately marriages too. Thanks for your comment. I love your paintings. Please don't throw away the painting of the girls call In the Mind that you put wax on---she os fabulous beyond words! It's like there is a shower on her face and ---well I just love it!!!
And your daughter and two children are precious. My daughter has expressed the same thing about posting picture on the internet but every once and a while I just have to do it too!!!!