Sunday, August 8, 2010

When Ma Ma said there would be days like this!

I don't know where that comes from, it was either a book or a song or something? But NO my Ma Ma didn't tell me there would be days like this! It is a typical Cape Town winter day. That means freezing, and raining. My DSTV has gone off, I can't get hold of them to fix it so all I can do today is play all my CD's - which has not been a good idea for years now, because music has always reminded me of my X. He was a great music lover so most music reminds me of him.
I am deciding whether to persevere or go back to bed with a good book? The only problem is the Bella, the little girl that she is, can't go outside for her daily run so she is frustrated and tearing up my whole house now. She has never been out in the rain before so I let her out onto the patio to see what she would do. She had me in absolute hysterics, snapping at the rain and jumping around all over the place barking. I love this little person - yes person she really has managed to climb deep inside my heart.
Listening to all this music is making me tearful and it is just another day I have to overcome, so I decided to work on a piece of art work that I did for a challenge and transport myself to this wonderful place in Paradise. It is soooo beautiful I wish we could all go there when we have 'one of those day's'.
I am meeting some internet friends there next Saturday if you would like to join us. One lady said she will only come if there will also be little umbrella drinks. Of course there will be, little glasses filled with mixed berries, rain water and a touch of champagne. I could really do that.

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