Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's all in the mind

When I paint I usually have something in mind but in this case I was using an old canvas that I had painted over and there was quite a lot of texture on it already. I wanted to paint something over a period of a few days and see what transpires, but I got this far and then made the fatal mistake of using wax over it and so I have pretty much prevented it from going any further. I really don't like this and it will probably land up in the garbage, pity, because the canvas is huge and I would hate to waste it. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can remove most of the wax and continue working with it, I would appreciate the advice.


Say It In Color said...

Caryl, I know you don't like it....but it is beautiful....maybe live with it for a few days....I have never used wax, but it made me remember an experience with wax....the day after my daughters 77 degree beautiful weather outdoor wedding day....we were at the retreat where it was held cleaning up and the weather here in Texas changed overnight to freezing weather...anyway the candles had dripped all over my vintage Persian rugs I used for wedding....but because if was freezing in the big open barn....we just scraped it all off with credit cards!...not that that would work....!?

...louciao... said...

Can you not melt it with an old iron or heat gun and scrape it off? I haven't worked with wax myself but have been doing some reading up about it. There's quite a lot of info online. I'm sure if you put your canvas out by the curb, as-is, someone would be more than happy to take it off your hands!

Diane said...

Caryl, it's beautiful as it is. It says something about what you're feeling even if you don't see it yet. Please don't throw it away. Look back on it in a few months and it will speak to you.

Patrina's Pencil said...

Well Caryl, I just came to visit after your follow - been browsing your art - and came to this and it was stunningly beautiful. Then I read your post and couldn't believe that you think it is garbage. It says so much - it's colors are rich and deep. It almost talks. I agree - set it out somewhere and look at it from different angles and light - live with it and let it talk to you . It would be abuse to throw her away as garbage. Just saying.... :)

Thanks for visiting my bridge and for the follow. Nice to have you.

Patrina <")>><