Sunday, August 8, 2010


I was born in Zimbabwe but what I find so strange is that I have an older brother and 4 younger half brothers who all live in the UK. They all have British Passports, but I don't and I am not entitled to get one except if I had to live there and after 4 years I could apply for an ancestoral passport. Why? Because I had the misfortune of being born in Zimbabwe, they were all born overseas. So where are my roots? I often think about that. I have fond memories of Zimbabwe when all my family still lived there which they no longer do. Most of my family are spread far and wide around the world. I classify myself as South African because my kids were born here, but I have never felt like I belonged strangely.
For anyone following my blog I wanted to suggest you read an amazing book, by far on of my best that came out of Zimbabwe. Don't Lets Go To The Dogs Tonight absolutely riveting reading. If you want to know what Zimbabwe was like for all of us during those war years I recommend this book.

There is another book I also recommend reading called Before the knife by Carolyn Slaughter.

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