Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Give Aways

Don't forget I am giving away 6 goodies, one a month until December. This was one of them that I gave to Nancy, who also sent me a beautiful encaustic art piece a few months ago. Have a look at her blog she really is such a talented artist. I met her when we both did the workshop with DJ in march this year.

I am not going to be selective about who I send my gifts to, just would like them to go around the world. I am giving away gifts to celebrate my 60th at the end of this year.

I spoke to a friend over the weekend who is also turning 60 at the end of the year and she said 'Caryl you are so brave, with everything you have done in your life and now your 60th. I can't even bring myself to say the word siiiii...... sssssiiiiii...... sixty! For heavens sake we are all aging no matter what we try to hide that is a fact. So roll on 60 I am ready and waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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...louciao... said...

I turned 60 last year and my daughter took me to NYC (with the financial help of other family members). It was certainly cause for celebration! No fear, babe. But then, I guess you know a lot about that.