Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am so tired of hearing of all the injustice. Tonight I was watching on the crime channel a story about an American Indian convicted of a crime he didn't commit. He spent many years in jail, robbed of his right as Chief of his tribe. He was eventually released and married the wife of his deceased attorney. They had a child and he was awarded an amount by the state as compensation.
Something I didn't know is that one doesn't get that money in a lump sum but it is given as a kind of pension. The program was explaining that in what is left of his life, he will never get the full amount owed to him.

My heart truly breaks every timeI hear a story about a person who has to deal with injustice. I also watched on Oprah the story about the lady who won an oscar for her role in the movie 'Precious' , I can't wait to see it. But the whole debacle about the sexual abuse she endured with her brother.

I know that there will be people who say... Let it go! and there will be others who say she is doing the right thing by exposing him. There will be some that say, she should have dealt with it in private with her family and there will be some that say No now that she has a platform she has a voice. There will be people who say her brother is only apologizing now because she is famous and others that believe this is an opportunity for him to stand up and be counted - publicly.

No matter what the story is, there are extended families and children involved and each person is horribly affected by this kind of thing. I know from first hand experience the people  who are quick to judge -haven't been there.

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Anonymous said...

So true, Caryl. They haven't been there. I always want to volunteer a pair of my shoes for them to walk in for awhile. Being judged unfairly is one of the things I wrestle with because I know that it's something out of my control. THAT I have to let go. But no one else has the right to tell anyone else what they should or should not reveal about their OWN lives and experiences. No one should have to hide behind secrets and not be allowed to be true to who they are.
Blessings and hugs to you for your continued courage.