Monday, May 14, 2012

Cirque du Soleil


Every day that I can take my art to new places, is an awesome day. I have been doing Zentangles and doodles for quite a while now and recently I came across the work of Mary Vogel Lozinak. I will find a link to her etsy shop, her work is really excellent and very funny. Mary's work reminded me of some of my own so I sent some of mine for her to see as I didn't think it was worth posting on Facebook or on my blog. Well guess what, she introduced me to a company who makes stamps and they want to make some of mine. Woohoo. I am not making more and more while I sit and watch TV and it fun to think that soon they will be stamps available to anyone who wants them. I will post a link when that happens, in the mean time this is some of my work. I hope you find them as funny as I do!

Monday, May 7, 2012

If you would like to see more of my blogs here is a list of them.
Abuse is no excuse.
Peace of Art. Is where you will find all my digital art.
Caryl Park     My art work in oils, water colour and mixed media.
Passion for Pewter  Says it all. I love doing pewter and I will be posting patterns here for everyone.

I have a new blog that is coming soon which I am very excited about so keep watching this space.

Life Coach

I am half way through my Life Coaching course and loving it. I deal with so many people who come out of abusive relationships that I wanted to do even more than just helping them survive. I want to take them even further and higher than they have ever been before. Anything is possible when the desire and willingness is strong enough.
NLP Life Coaching.