Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bright Sunny Day

After my out burst yesterday. I really needed to spend the day painting today to take my mind off things. I am not one to paint landscapes and certainly not tourist paintings like this one, but I took some of my art to a local gallery yesterday and they accepted some of my work, but they asked me if I ever do this kind of thing because the tourist season is coming  soon and these types of paintings are very much in demand.
I don't enjoy painting like this at all, but a girl has gotta do what she gotta do. I am going to take some photographs of various scenes around this area and try those as well. When tourists have been in a place and had a good time, I am the same, they often want some memorabilia.
This was in acrylics which I don't usually work in either which didn't help. But will try some more like this in oils, maybe I will prefer them.


Say It In Color said...

I think it is lovely!! I love the looseness of your strokes...and you are right a painted piece of what I looked for on trips and many times there was none painted, but other things to buy instead....when I would have much preferred the memory in a small painting...or large! Love it!

Martha Lever said...

Hey Caryl!
Thanks so much for visiting me and for your comment! I love this painting of your landscape. It is beautiful and
I can certainly see why the gallery accepted it.
For the white letters on my piece, I actually write it on black, scanned and cleaned it up and saved it as an image file. I put it on the piece in Photoshop and changed the color to white. I love to do that and I do it all the time with my calligraphy.


I'm not an artist or the son of an artist but in my humble opinion that's a very beautiful painting. :-)


Anonymous said...

Caryl, it's beautiful!
Hugs, Diane