Thursday, January 6, 2011

Looking for love at sunset.

It was such a beautiful evening I decided to take Bella to the beach to watch the sunset. A friend of mine and I went off with a cooler bag filled with biscuits, cheese and wine it was such a perfect evening. I am the mother of a teenage girl dog, all she wants to do... is meet the boys! Well she did... a cute little black boy and she really played up to him. Sadly I had to do what all mothers have to do.... keep an eye on her! Eventually she was becomming TOO friendly and I needed to take control.
Back in mothers control all she could do was watch the sun set... she wasn't amused! My friend and I spent a wonderful evening chatting.... Bella was bored but a Mom has got to do what she has to do! Shame the little black boy soon went home and Bella looked sad... her friend had gone.
I wasn't ignoring her plight but one day when she grows up I will let her have more freedom... just not right now.

                                              There is a time and a season for everything.


Shaz said...

Oh my gosh that looks so wonderful...I love the photos. I Heather has acute little 'white boy' if you're interested in becomming a grandma :o)

Say It In Color said...

I love both of your posts....the honest and "comforting" one below and the fun one of Bella...naughty Bella....but you are being a good Mother to her! You are awesome and your posts are healing to read!..Take care and have a great day!!