Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bella has gone Ballistic

For a couple of days now Bella hasn't been herself, in fact she was acting really strange at the beach the other day! She met that black boy on the beach and chasesd his pants off... I mean his fur off. She chased him round and round, up the beach down the beach until eventually he was so exhausted he went and hid with his human parents.
When I put her on her leash, she really did sulk! Since then she has been acting really strange. She has been over excited, killing all of her toys especially the one little dog and the one that looks like a cat. She has been jumping all over me and playing, but then gets all hot under her collar literally and starts doing things to my arm or leg or what ever. Today she was really irritating me so I went on line to find out when does a puppy come into season ? U dah!!!! I am so sad, my little girl is not a little girl anymore, she is in season :o(
Now I am going to have to keep her off the beaches for 3 weeks... damn!

Look at the photo that I took of her on the beach with the black boy, you can see the way she is flirting with him, I knew it !


Shaz said...

lol...just had a giggle at the possibility of Bella's and Black Boys puppies..(were you watching them alllllll the time??)...interesting and cute combination

Anneke said...

what a lovely photo,s i see here on your blog.
greetings from the netherlands