Sunday, January 16, 2011

I've come a long way

It will soon be my ex husbands 50th Birthday and a year ago I would hardly have been able to think about it without being in tears.... remembering his disinterest  and lack of involvement when it was mine. The pain I went through with the message that I received at the time that I am not worth acknowledging. I mean nothing and therefore my 50th Birthday was not worth celebrating! Every 'big one' is a milestone in  the journey of life and worth celebrating if only to remember how far we have come and what we have learned.
It will soon be a big day for him, and I bare no malice I honestly don't. God is good... when we trust Him to bring healing He is so faithful.
This photo was taken 10 years ago and now I can see where all the wrinkles are... my life maps!

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