Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The new ME !

It's all gone and so has the colour. My mother was a natural red head and I spent my whole life trying everything I could not to be like her in any way at all. I am sure she will be smiling down at me with this new red hair do! My Mum's name was Sylvia but all her friends called her Red, she would love this.


Kimmie said...

Love the red!!!! You are gorgeous!
Big Hug!

Pat Winter said...

Love the cut & the color. I bet you feel free with that style and "Red" just has to be smiling down on you for sure.
You are so beautiful!!!!!

DJ said...

Great look!
So fresh and sassy. Just what you need to arm yourself with an opinion.

Susan said...

You are so beautiful, Caryl! I love it short! Your inner beauty radiates so brightly!

Marilyn said...

Looks terrific!