Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wise Old Soul

I am extremely emotional today. My youngest daughter came to see me all of 23. What fascinates me is how much I can see myself in my children. When they were all teenagers and going through what all teenagers do, I didn't think they were like me at all. In fact I often thought, who are these kids and why don't they go home to their families. The challenges were huge and I never thought they would all turn out just fine.
When I spend time with my kids as adults and listen to them as adults, I am moved to tears with the things that come out of there mouths. They are kind caring, beautiful people and I am proud to say, ' they are my daughters'. We have all had a hard life, really hard and my kids could have come to a place that they never want to speak to me again. They could all live separate lives not really caring about each other or anyone else, but that is not the case. My kids are wise beyond their years and to find myself in a place where they can speak into my own life is incredible.
My precious, youngest, wild, and by that I mean free spirit I don't mean unmanageable, but she is her own person, she spoke such words of wisdom today that she had me in tears.... wise Old Soul. To know that I am now being mothered when I have been mothering for so long, I thought that was all I would ever do. But she cares so much for me and I am moved by that. She said... Mom when will you give yourself permission to be YOU. You have always tried to be what everyone else wants you to be, but who ARE you?

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