Tuesday, July 27, 2010


When my huMom was on her own after she left that bad man that used to beat her, she was so heart broken and lonely after Sushi and Harley died as well that she bought a little Yorkie called Squib. She told me that she was never as kind to him as she is to me... hummm I don't really believe that cos I know she loves animals. She says that she couldn't pay him as much attention as he needed so she gave him away, to a good home, she says she cried for months after that, but still... that scares the heck out of me. What happens if she can't pay me the attention that I need, and man DO I NEED ATTENTION, will she give me away too? I betta be good.
She said after Sushi and Harley died and then giving Squib away,  she would never have a pet again cos her heart was broken and pets get inside your heart and you can't help but love them and she didn't want to trust her heart again. Hell that is heavy pressure! How do you think that makes me feel !

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