Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bella's Banner

How do you like my Banner I made? Caryl has this funny banner with multi media artist, friend and all that stuff. I thought I would make mine real simple. This is me! She say's she doesn't mind me sharing her blog as long as I keep it clean. Now what the hell is that supposed to mean. I can't poop on her computer, she would kill me.
She is busy tonight so I want to share some things and see if I also have any friends out there who will follow me.

Caryl used to have two other little dogs that she told me she loved a lot. I know she put some pictures of them somewhere here on her blog, but I want to show them to you and see if you can spot anything?
My huMom was about 45 in this picture and I must confess I do feel a little jealous when I see this picture, but those nails, they really make me smile yuk... I hate red nails. In this picture she was hugging Sushi, Harley would never have allowed her to do this. He wasn't into all that mushy stuff.

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