Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mad Max

Max was the first dog that my huMom got when she was married to X, and he was the life and soul of their home. Well yea with a smile like that I guess who wouldn't love him. But when Max was lonely my huMom decided he needed some companions and that is when they got Sushi and Harley. I have heard ALL about Max as well. He was one of the boys and didn't pay too much attention to the drama going on in the house he just wanted to play and be liked by everyone. I know humans think that animals can't smile, but my huMom says that Max smiled all the time and loved everyone and they loved him. She says, she misses him a lot and it is like having a child that you can't see cos he is with his dad. (Why can't she have visitations?)
Humans are strange... they have problems but they make their problems everyone else's the dogs, the kids the aunts and uncles, grandparents... I don't understand that. 

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