Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Isn't this cute

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about animals. I would love to work at a Vet, or live on a Game Farm, but I can't do everything. I hardly slept last night, concerned about Stephan, yes lets give him a name. Somewhere in this world he had a mother and father, aunts and uncles, cousins and perhaps even brothers and sisters. I wonder if these two little penguins even know each other or if they are strangers, excited at having survived. Survival makes people weep and hug each other with excruciating pain and joy.
Penguins being released back into their beautiful habitat. You can read the article here. Strutting their stuff !
People line the beaches, men women and children, happy and excited that they have been rescued.I am sure I would have been there too at the time.
Volunteers rushed at the time to see where they could help and thousands sat in the comfort of their homes watching but offering no help at all.

I wonder if the pink marks on the little chests are visible signs of their once grieving hearts.
I also wonder if these people would ever take the time to try and help just one street kid or take their children to a soup kitchen, or a rehabilitation centre to watch the pain and suffering  people go through? I wonder if those sitting at home would donate 'anything' to a cause that they feel some compassion for? I wonder if anyone is there to see when one person is rehabilitated and set free in this world?

When I spoke to all the contacts I had been given yesterday I was told by most of them, that Stephan was right, very few people care about PEOPLE, the human race, around the world. I for one have been there, in the depths of despair. Perhaps I didn't end up under a bridge, but I could have, but for the grace of God. I am told that Government funding is at an all time low, and the public sector have almost given up.
Can you imagine, if everyone, dipped into their pockets just a teeny weeny little bit, once a year to make a donation to a charity that concerned them, I don't care which charity but to just one of them. These charities are all desperate and the volunteers who work there are exhausted I am sure. Charity work is a thankless job but rewarding when one person, or one animal is rescued. So many people are distrusting of where their donations actually are distributed, I understand that but God sees the heart and our intention surely?

No this is not a guilt trip, I refuse to be made to feel guilty and I don't enjoy emails that circulate with messages of God will bless you or you will be doomed! You know the ones I mean. I simply delete them.
Can you imagine though, and I know this is idealistic, but can you imagine if even 50%, or 25% of the population of the world made some attempt to dig into their pockets or actively go and do something?

Is this intended to make anyone who may read this feel guilty, NO. I am sharing honestly what is in my own heart and I take full responsibility for that.

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Say It In Color said...

I admire people who help animals ...it is a good thing to do and gets lots of publicity and support. However, I CHERISH those who help the unloved or unwanted ... or the hard to love... CHERISH THEM!! ... YOU .. and I didn't feel guilty....just wish I was closer to help beat the bushes for help. Is there anything I can do from so far away? Let me know...Tell him many care who cannot help physically, but they "do" care and have great hope for him ..... and a prayer just for him. I will check back....