Sunday, December 12, 2010

Before & After

Thank goodness for PS. I have been layering and layering for days. It is almost finished but I couldn't put my finger on what was over to PS to play with shadows and highlights. I like the second one a lot more, now what I have to do is try and work that into my painting. Any ideas from my artist friends?


Say It In Color said...

Your art is so beautiful and I am not one to give advice....however for my art...I have discovered "Zinc White" instead of Titanium.....Zinc is transparent! I have honestly never used Zinc White....and I love it....I have used it to lighten without losing the background.....but I am still experimenting! Also the Golden Fluid paints are almost like staining inks that IF they are a transparent one you can layer color without losing the background. I am still experimenting and playing with the Fluid acrylics....but so much your work,...not only your art work, but your "heart work" too! Merry Christmas .... Christ Jesus holds you near to His heart I KNOW!!!!! OH! thanks for the comment!!

Sharon said...

Hi Caryl: I love the feeling in your painting! And I really like the pinks and blues so softly in the background. If I would make some suggestions, it would be to warm up the painting. The pink and white are so cold -you could put a transparent warm yellow glaze (like Quinacridone Gold) over the entire painting (which I think would be best) -or only the flowers (if you prefer), and then go back into that when it dry and hit it again with those whites -then they will pop!
Let me know what you think of that idea.

Shaz said...

Aw Caryl, as usual, this is so beautifull!! what about very subtelly creating one or two more flowers in the background, almost only a suggestion of them so as to bring your existing flowers forward. I'm gonna try that with the one I'm doing now (not sure how :o) )