Friday, December 10, 2010

Anyone who has a heart.

I know that anyone who has a heart, will read this story about Stephan and wonder... how will this story end. Will Stephan beat the odds... I think we all pray and hope that he will, because we are all surrounded by 'Stephans' around the world and we all wish and hope and pray that they will be okay, sort their lives out and find security and happiness. Some will make it and some will not, we know that, but for all those who don't make it... we cannot give up and lose heart.
People who have reached the end... the bottom... are moments and a choice away from death... it takes one caring person and they can be saved, and they can turn their lives around and WE could have done one small thing to help them.

I have often wondered... what does it feel like moments before someone is about to take their own life...well I have been there... and it takes one phone call from a friend for a person to change their mind... just for today... but the today's...become tomorrows and then tomorrows become a lifetime.

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