Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bella is looking for Father Christmas

I was busy wrapping presents to send up to my family In Johannesburg. There were one or two, or three ...for Bella. I locked her outside and told her to go and play...the next thing I see her looking through the window at me! Now what am I going to do... I know... I will give then to her tomorrow and buy her new ones...just so that I can surprise her... how can I deal with this?

She looks so bored... but she still wants to know what she is getting for Christmas... I am not telling.


Shaz said...

lol, just dont look at her. Nobody could resist that expression

Patti said...

This made me giggle.
Bella is so sweet. I love your idea, give her the gifts she saw and get her more for a surprise :)
You are a good Mamma