Friday, December 10, 2010

Absolutely Awesome news

I met Stephan last week Saturday and he really broke my heart. I promised him that I would do my best over the next few days to try and find him a shelter or a rehab, but I had NO idea how hard that would be. I spent several hours over several days phoning every single contact number that I could get my hands on. Hospitals, rehabs, shelters, social workers, churches police stations and I was getting no where fast. All I was being told is that it is going to cost X, or the social worker is not in your area, or we cannot help him because we are full, there is a waiting list, we are closed until the end of January.

I was SO UPSET, that I thought I cannot go down to the beach and tell him that there is nothing I can do. I decided not to go and see him but prayed with all my heart.

Lord... you know that I love you, but I am really mad with you today...which was Wednesday evening.... Lord as I was saying... I am really mad with you. You want us to care about these people who are thrown away by societyn and I do, but YOU are not opening the doors anywhere for him to go. Well if he dies.... it is your fault.... You can't blame me for trying! I am going to sleep and I am giving him back to you, he is your problem now.

Amen... good nite.

Well that was Wednesday night. I can't say it didn't bother me yesterday it did, the whole day. But every time I thought about it, I kept saying Lord he is your problem.

Last night around 7pm I received a phone call from a number I didn't recognise, and this voice says..."Hello Caryl this is Stephan. I am staying with some people and I wanted you to know that I haven't taken any drugs or alcohol since I saw you on the weekend. I want to give you the phone number where I am staying so that if you want to you can come and see me".

I WAS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED....... His voice was clear and I knew he was okay. I called the number he gave me this morning and made arrangements to go and see him. Angus and his wife Karen own a beautiful Garden Center with a lovely coffee shop. Their son Luke came up to me to introduce himself with a big hug ! These people are charming, young, beautiful Christians. They are very active in their church and they have a ministry with street people  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

At the back of the nursery is an apartment with a dormitory that sleeps about 8 people. They took me to the back to show me what it looks like and there was Sephan sleeping on one of the beds.

I REALLY REALLY had to hold back the tears. I didn't stay long, because I had to go somewhere but I knew for the first time in a week, that God was 100% in control. Stephan is not in a horrible old warehouse, or in a state hospital, he is in a room with other men just like him, but all recovering and doing well. There are flowers all around them because of the nursery..... I am so AMAZED AND IN AWE as to how God works for those who trust HIM.

Lord, it is me again.... I am SO sorry I was mad at you. I should have known that You would do this! You have never let me down when I am desperate, and I really was desperate. Thank you that you care so much for Stephan you found him a home only a couple of blocks from where I live. Thank you that you gave him a pretty flower garden and really loving caring people to look after him. Now Lord all I can ask, is that you work IN him. Give him the strength that surpasses all understanding to resist this addiction and fight back. Lord I pray that you will protect him day and night until he beats this. I also trust you Lord that I will hear good news of him in the future, that he has a job, a place to stay and that he is happy.
Thank you Lord that you are always so faithful.


Say It In Color said...

I am thrilled that something happened for Stephan,,,,will keep praying for him....and praising Him for YOU!

Grovenore said...

I wondered what the outcome would be. I'm so thankful that Stephan now has a place to live. Grovenore, Canada