Friday, December 10, 2010

I can't believe this

A few weeks ago, I made a terrible mistake. I was driving in my car with Bella sitting on my lap, I wasn't going far. It was a beautiful day and I had my drivers window down. Bella had her head out the window like a real diva, pink hair blowing in the wind. When I pulled into the car park, a man walked up to my car selling african art work from up country, dark glasses and all kinds of goodies which I wasn't interested in so I turned to my left to tell him I wasn't interested but while I was doing that I pressed the automatic window and it slowly started to close, I could feel Bella wiggling around but I thought she was just anxious to get out the car, but when I turned around to calm her, I saw she was stuck in the window! Obviously I quickly I pressed the button to let the window go down and she was hoarse...she couldn't speak! I was in a complete panic I thought I had killed my soul mate.

Well I sat in the car, crying and gently rubbing her throat and soon she was fine, she had a high pitch bark for a while but she was alive.

That's not the last of it....

A few weeks later I was off to the beach with Bella to take some photo's that I wanted to paint, but I was in a hurry. I stopped at one spot, jumped out the car and let Bella out with me to take some pictures. I did this a few times and then time was running out. After about the 6th photo stop I decided one more and then we must go home. I pulled into a car park, jumped out the car, but I left Bella in the car with my handbag, my cell phone and the keys in the ignition. I thought just one more, snap snap and we would be gone. I hadn't walked 5 paces from the car and I heard the central locking go off. I turned around to see that my car door was closed, Bella was in the drivers seat and she had stood on the central locking next to my hand break.

I was stunned. It was a sweltering day, it was lunchtime, Bella was locked in the car and I froze. Panic set in and I started to cry, I thought she is going to die from the heat. I don't have a phone number to phone even if I ask a passing jogger for help. I don't know many people in Cape Town it was terrible.

A friendly lady was running past and saw my distress and she stopped to see what was wrong, when I told her, she immediately took control. We walked to a nearby restaurant and she told the manager what the problem was, with me wiping my nose on my sleeve! The manager phoned a locksmith who said he would be there in 10 minutes he was just down the road. Every minute passed like an hour. When he arrived he jumped confidently out of his car and said it wouldn't take a minute. I stood back because I didn't want Bella to see my and get worked up making herself even more hot. Trust me it was hot.
He tried everything and it just wouldn't open. Eventually he phoned someone else and that man took at least 20minutes to get to us. By then, you can well imagine what I was going through. When the new man arrived he came with all his bank robbing, safe breaking equipment and set to work.

I noticed a couple sitting on a bench, romantically looking out over the ocean. They were obviously wondering what was going on. They came over and I flopped into the young girls arms and told her of my plight. I asked her if she was on holiday and she said no she was on honeymoon. How sweet. While we were talking about her recent wedding, and their wonderful honeymoon which they had enjoyed, the men all got to work. With in about 10 minutes the door was open. I ran towards the car to see if Bella was dead and thoughout the whole ordeal she had fallen asleep under the dash board, completely unperturbed. So...Bella was fine, I paid a fortune for the locksmith services and we were on our way.

And the story doesn't end there. Last night two friends dropped in and we were sitting chatting on my patio, it was a beautiful evening. My friend owns a pizza restaurant and she suggested we go and get a pizza, we all walked to the car and I was so busy helping them to get in the car, I saw Bella walk around the back of the car and I thought she had followed my friends boyfriend, who she loves so I thought she had jumped in the back seat with him. I went to close my door and felt a yelp. Bella had tried to jump onto my lap like she always does and I squashed her in the car door.

No I know what you are thinking by now.... Bella looks like a dog, but she is a cat? Well I quickly opened the door and she jumped in but I could see she wasn't hurt but she was @##$$% off and didn't speak to me the whole day.

This evening she went into the bedroom earlier than usual. When I went to find her... hummm it was pay back time. I had been wearing this beautiful Indian jacket which is lovely and cool but I had changed and draped it over the edge of my bed. There was Bella chewing off all the buttons, one by one. I mean what could I say? I mean really! It was one of those moments when you find your children have done something really naughty but you actually find it quite funny.... I didn't laugh, but I knew we were even!

This is a reversible top, emerald green on the one side and shocking pink on the other. Oh well I enjoyed it while I had it. Now I am going to use the buttons on a DJ Pettitt journal I am busy making. Go and see her work, in my oppinion she is one of the most talented artists, her work is beautiful.


Marilyn said...

I'm not sure whether to cry or laugh!!! Poor Bella. I hate it when I do something stupid. So glad she came through it all unscathed. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Marilyn said...

I'm not sure whether to cry or laugh!!! Poor Bella. I hate it when I do something stupid. So glad she came through it all unscathed. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Say It In Color said...

All of that was my entertainment tonite with my hot chocolate....too scary and funny at the same time! Don't throw that top away! You are very creative and could use it in some scrumpteous creative way....I'll wait to see what you do with your writing! Still praying for Stephan too.

Patti said...

Oh my gosh poor Bella !
I guess she did get even. Bless her little heart. Poor you...I bet you were horrified at all of this.
Hugs to you both