Saturday, April 3, 2010

Remember how much I love you.

Yesterday I spent the day with two of my daughters. We went off the beach after breakfast and I asked them to collect some heart stones. We shared them out over a salad lunch a little later so now my 3 daughters and I have four heart stones each which are to reming us of how much we love each other. These are only for the girls in the family, the boys would think we are crazy. The little one at the top on the right is for my grand daughter.


Violet said...

What sweet memories will be associated with your heart stones.
And what a beautiful view you have from your window!!! Happy Easter Caryl! ~ Violet

Pat Winter said...

I love that you have beach outings with your daughters. I have been taking my mom for beach strolls and mermaid tear hunting for 10 years soothes the soul and heals all I believe.