Friday, April 9, 2010

Funny Story

I have to share this really funny story. I recently did a workshop and one of the ladies on the workshop was so in love with my work that she asked if she could buy two of the samples I had made. I told her that she could buy them with pleasure but I just needed to finish them off. Yesterday her husband phoned me and said it was his wifes birthday and he wanted to suprise her. He said his wife had been going on about my work so much that he wanted to buy the art work she was so passionate about and give it to her as a Birthday present.
I was in a fluster the whole day and things weren't going well, but I had made arrangements to meet him at a local shopping centre at 3.30pm with the pictures so that he could give them to his wife.
My daughter came to visit and we got side tracked with various things and by the time I realised what time it was I was running late. I rushed down to my car to put the pictures in the boot of the car when suddenly I realised I had left my cell phone inside. I placed the pictures on the boot of my car and rushed up stairs to get my phone. I jumped in my car and drove off to meet 'the husband'. When I arrived at the shopping centre and looked around the car.... I though OH NO.... I left the pictures on the boot of my car so I rushed back home to see if I would be lucky enough to find them on one piece in the drive way.

The time it took to drive to the shopping centre was about 15 minutes and back 15 minutes, so I was hoping that they would still be in one piece. As I arrived home I could see the two pictures sitting in the road. I pack my work into Pizza boxes and they looked fine. I was thrilled but just at that moment a car came through the stop street and drove straight over them !!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I stopped to pick them up and yes you guessed it, the one picture was squashed flat and completely damaged. The look on my face could have been on Candid Camera! There was nothing I could do except show the client my squashed, damaged picture! Thank goodness I can laugh at this kind of thing. His wife phoned me to say that she wanted the picture anyway if it wasn't too damaged. Of course I will give it to her and she can try to salvage what is left of it. Oh well... another picture bites the dust!

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Anonymous said...

Caryl, this sounds just like a subject for a not-so-funny sitcom adventure! Oh my!