Friday, April 30, 2010

Work to be done.

Just wanted to drop in and leave a message for those who follow my blog. I haven't written much this week because I have been working really hard trying to finish art work so that I can get as much work out into the shops and galleries. I am almost on top of things and then will be filling up with all kinds of bits and bobs that you might find interesting.

Not having time to play much at the moment. I usually spend several hours in the evenings doing PS manipulations which I also haven't done for a while and I feel like I am going cold turkey. Every now and again things just don't go according to plan, and thats how life is. I don't fight it anymore I simply try and go with the flow.
I did this for a workshop recently and have been playing around with the colours.


Katherine Thomas said...

This is beautiful! There is something so warm and soothing about it!

Mary Bailey said...

beautiful color and texture!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! The colors and the flow so calming.