Sunday, April 25, 2010


After the book was published I felt so much compassion for the thousands of other women just like me that I had to become pro active which is why I started the organisation PAINE. For 5 years I have worked tirelessly at connecting with other organisations, counselling people who would contact me from my website or who had read my book. I spoke at several conferences, radio, television, interviews for newspapers, magazines, psychologists and churches. For 5 years I have not earned a salary and I have invested EVERYTHING into doing what ever I could to help other families. Needless to say this has all cost money and I was recently considering closing down the organisation due to lack of funds, sponsors and donations.

This morning when I heard that program on Sympathy - Compassion. I knew, I just cant stop now. Perhaps I will take a break for a while and focus on my art work. I enjoy what I do and that is where the money comes in, so for now thats what I am going to be doing. But in a month or two I will pick up my cross and continue the work that I feel passionately and Compassionate about. I just cannot give up now. When I think of the children in these homes where mothers and fathers are screaming and shouting at each other, the fear that they live with is terrible. I have grand children and to think of my own grandchildren in anyway experienceing what my children when through... that is what really drives me.

And so.... the work continues. All I ask of you if you are reading this... please do one small thing to help those children. Make a donation to a charity in your area, take old clothes and household items to a shelter but please do something.

I doubt that my own life would have been such hell, if someone had just said or done something. I cannot and will not be silent.

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