Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dance When You Want To Cry.

I have a friend who does a lot of public speaking with Toast Masters. She has been doing really well and recently she gave a speech about Dancing When You Want To Cry. In essence what she was trying to say is sometimes when we just can't fight back the tears and heart ache, we should just dance.

This evening I received a message on my Blackberry informing me that a friends husband had passed away. All deaths are sad and none of us are ever prepared but what was so unusual about this one is that the wife, I shall not mention her name, had a very sad romantic relationship in the past and she was on her own for many years. She is beautiful, works hard, and I always wondered if she would find love again. She did, unexpectedly and her new love was so right for her in every way that I can honestly say that their relationship was so beautiful, genuine, pure, they were deeply and passionately in love, but more than that there was a spiritual connection that I have never seen before.

They are both writers, artists and just beautiful people. They were married on the 10th September 2009 and hundreds of people were really and truly happy for them. He had a heart attack on Wednesday ... why?
I am angry and feeling her pain so deeply. I know that tomorrow my anger will subside and I will not question again, but today I am very sad for her. She loved him with all her heart and soul, they were so happy.

I know that many people lose the people they love and adore... it is just so sad.

I have been feeling so down for a while now and I just wanted to find something on You Tube that would cheer me up which is why I am sharing this video... I hope you enjoy it too.

Sometimes questions just don't have answers.


Kimmie said...

Please send your friend a big hug from me! xoxxo

I can't imagine my life with out my sweetie...that's what I call! He is my pillar of strength.

Healing Woman said...

Hi~ Just found your blog via Pat Winter's Gatherings. I love the content of your blog. The little cement encased box with gorgeous flower is so special. Would you share how you made it?

Thanks so much. I look forward to your very creative posts.

Healing Woman