Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If I was a butterfly

Kimmie you made me think today...If I was a butterfly what colour would I be, and without a doubt I would be blue, turquoise, emerald all in one. Is this not just the most exquisite thing you have ever seen in your life? I want one for my very own. If I had my own butterfly tree how could my heart ever be in turmoil again?
If I could be a butterfly I would be the colour of the universe. I never see black when I look out into the universe, I first see a deep navy blue and the further out into the universe my sight and imagination goes it turns navy, blue, turquoise, purple, lilac..... white.... white.... nothingness.


Healing Woman said...

How beautiful! It gives me an idea. Why no create one of these to place in my studio somewhere. I'd always approach my work with a smile on my face.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is a beautiful concept that I can relate to. I also don't see total black, but shades of blue, lavender, then deep blues and purple. I appreciate the way you think.

Fiona, Cape Town said...

Your idea of the universe graduating to white is beautiful. I recall years ago hearing that there is a horizon of visibility in the universe where the infinity of stars appear to coalesce to form the inner surface of an egg - in which we sit - a lovely idea that is reflected in many cultural myths.