Saturday, March 26, 2011

My gift to you

This is also one of my favorite blogs Castles, Crowns, Cottages, I can spend hours just browsing. I HoPE YoU enjoy.

Did you go to this blog... it is really stunning isn't it?
I am not in a good space right now and don't want to write depressing stuff today, so I am just enjoying visiting some of the blogs I really enjoy, the ones that take me far away from where I am.


"Create Beauty" said...

Oh yes, Anita has created such a beautiful blog, filled with touches of P E A C E and beauty. I go there for snippets of delight.

Thanks for coming by for a visit.
God Bless You and pour out comfort through His Holy Spirit...

~ Violet

Fiona, Cape Town said...

I know this is some days later - but I hope you are in a better space. After so many trials that you have recently posted, let me share some good news - tumour was successfuly operated on - my hearing is restored!!! I will be having radiotherapy soon to eradicate the remnants that could not be safely removed. Many thanks for your encouraging words to me.