Sunday, February 28, 2010


I started out today doing a tutorial that I found on Deviant art. It started out with a photograph that I took on a beach up the coast from where I live. I then followed the tutorial and started adding layers but all of a sudden what I intended to be a peaceful and lonely little tree, eventually ended up like this almost like Armagedon! My stomach was so uptight when I finished that I had to do another one, using a different sky that would take the art piece in a different direction. It is amazing what happens to the way I feel when I use different colours. Mission accomplished with the next one.

My World

I haven't had a nice weekend and after I had done that last manipulation I really had to do another one to lift my spirits. I am very influenced by colour in my art work. Okay now that I am feeling a little more at peace after this one, I can go to bed.

Mature Content !

Not every day can be a good day and today has been a really sad one for me. When I have off days, art is the one thing that lifts my spirit. So I spent some time today going through photographs of art that I have been collecting over the years. This on is one my all time favourites. I have got some wonderful friends and as we get older we appreciate them more for their love support and just for who they are. I can see some of my friends and I in this picture. Faithful friends - there is nothing to replace them.
I am not sure who this artist is because I couldn't see any signature on the painting. If anyone recognises it, please let me know and I will certainly give the recognition it deserves.

Tertia du Toit SA artist

Tertia du Toit is such an incredible artist. I know that she is South African but I am not sure where she is. I would like to find her and go to one of her exhibitions. I am totally in love with her work.

Malay Woman

Another stunning painting by Tertia du Toit. I just love the clean fresh bright colours, the mood and the sense of fun. They have such incredible sense of humour and rhythm, perhaps they drink too much of the wine, but they really get into the swing of things.

Camps Bay

Anyone who knows Cape Town also knows that we have the most beautiful beaches. The is also a painting by Tertia du Toit from Camps Bay looking up towards Lion's Head. I love this painting.

Grapes n wine

South Africa is know for it's incredible wines and Cape Town is known for it's beautiful wine farms. This painting was done by a well known South African artist Tertia du Toit.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mad about Manipulations

I haven't been able to blog for a day or two. I have been really busy with other things, but this evening I decided to so one while I was watching a movie. I have realised this month that there are actually so many things I love that I could go on doing this for another month. Except I need to rembember why I started this blog in the first place and that is to share with people who come onto my website that life continues after the break up of a relationship and there are so many things to enjoy without all the heart ache.
This morning I spent quite a long time on the beach just sketching. I haven't done that for years. When I journal I often just paint freehand, but this morning I was just sitting enjoying the peace, the beautiful weather and watching families on the beach. I will share some of my sketches to morrow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things

A friend came around the other day and said, Caryl this reminds me of you, I wasn't sure if that mean't mouth wide open roaring with laughter, or lazing around doing nothing! I was given this as a gift from the co-author of my book.... just to keep my smiling.

Le Parfum

I don't think I have ever gone one single day since I left school, without wearing perfume. Lipstick, pretty nickers, perfume and I am ready to go!

Mother of the Bride

These are miniature little hats that I saw in a magazine many years ago and I have made dozens of them.

Mother in law

I was wondering why mother in laws, daughter in laws, step mothers always seem to have to work harder at being accepted into a family. Hummm I have been all of them.

My Space

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to journal. I learned a new technique recently which I have been playing around with. I first did some samples to use for backgrounds in Photoshop, but then I thought, what am I going to do with this now! So I made a journal and this is the second one. I was just fooling around with the little ballet slipper, but I like it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I wrote a letter

What happened to love letters? When people shared their hearts with honestly. When was the last time you  received a love letter.... when was the last time you wrote one?

If I wrote a not to God.

Just sharing all the things I  love ... listen to these words.

The sound of an angel I can't stop listening to this amazing singer. Oh how I wish I could sing, I truly wish I could sing, as much as I wish I could fly... no... a little more!

Music is the song of angels.

I cannot come to terms with someone so talented. I am surrounded by singers in my family. I know I am an artist and I can paint...but I would love to sing as well. Maybe something I should try! Since I only started painting at the age of 47 maybe there is hope for me. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

My Forever Friend

I have been really blessed with amazing friends. We have all been through our 'stuff' and we have been there for each other all along the way. Jacqui and I have been friends for 30 years! This photo was taken at her sisters 60th ... nothing has changed in 30 years. We still laugh and we cry togther a lot! I am thankful that no matter how hard life has been at times. God has really brought faithful friends into my life that have made things easier to bare.
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Love the East

My mother was born in India and my father in China. I grew up with a lot of Eastern influence because of them. My father taught me to eat with chop sticks and my mother made the most incredible Indian food I have ever eaten in my life. No one could cook like she did... perhaps my brother is a close second. I am a Christian but I also embrace Eastern philosophy. I cannot throw the baby out with the bath water. I think we could learn a lot from their ability to meditate, the way they treat the planet and all of nature, God's creation. I would give anything to go to the far east again and visit a monestry and learn to really be 'still'. We know as Christians that the word says... be still and know that I am God. But I don't think I know how to really be still..... in Him. 


Imagine people caring about each other, more than they care about themselves? Imagine if we could all think, just for one moment in time.... what if I was that person... the one we judge so harshly. Imagine if we really understood the depth of God's Love the passion of His heart  and all that He has created... just imagine. Imagine how He must feel, when we do the things we do.... imagine?
I am passionate about my own relationship with Him and long for widom and knowledge. I long to be more like Him.

Hearts and kisses

I must confess that I am the proverbial romantic and believe in Love even when is fades it never disappears.

Mad about Manipulations

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sleep Tight

There are nights that I just can't fall asleep and rather than count sheep I paint pictures in my mind.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another day in Paradise

This restaurant has an awesome menu. It has a spectacular view of Table Mountain during the day and the sounds of the ocean at night. I love it.

Pathway to the beach

This is the short alley way to the beach from the restaurant.

Stairway to the beach

When you get the end of the alley way, there are several houses on the beach. They look beautiful but I am not sure how comfortable they are when there is a storm. Nice for holidays but I am not so sure about living there.
I am not sure what the spot is in the sky, just a mark on the picture I am sure.

View of Table Mountain

                     The view of table mountain as you come around the corner.

On The Rocks Restaurant - from the beach

The restaurant is accessable from the road and also from the beach.

The Bicycle

I have used this bicycle in lots of art work I think its stunning.

Lunch to inspire anyone.

I seldom get out to just have some me time. A couple of weeks ago I went off to the beach to find some flotsam and jetsam to use in a journal I was making. I was so hot on the beach and hadn't taken some water along. I thought about this stunning restaurant on the beach and decided to go there and have a glass of wine and a salad. Isn't this beautiful ... and it costs me nothing because it just down the road from where I live.

Sweet Tooth

I must be honest I don't really have a sweet tooth. NO... I did not order this desert. The waitress was taking it to a couple near by who were going to share it. But I just had to take a photo. I just loved the way it looked.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Father why have you foresaken me?

When ever I feel spiritually empty, I am always reminded that even Jesus felt the same way. I started doing this painting a few months ago and just haven't had the time to finish it...but I must... soon !

Collage, Altered layers

I did a painting recently and also made a journal, I wanted to see what would happen if I blended the two together. Sometimes I get a result that I really like and wish I could print it off and use it.


I know I posted this picture all ready, but I was playing around with mask borders and chose this picture to do the border on and I thought it came out really well. Yummie cakes. I don't really have a sweet tooth, but these are so yummie!


Things I love.... or people I love? I love children. Always seeing them as these innocent little angels. I was thinking about the things children do and decided to work on a manipulation last night. I found this cutie pie little girl and put the whole picture together. They are free spirited, gentle and kind... it is grown ups who cause the damage and change them. Children are truly the innocent victims.

Crowning Glory

Oh my, of all the things I truly love... is my grand daughters beautiful hair. She was born with black hair and I was excited for a moment ,thinking.. Oh my gosh she has got my dark hair, but then as time went on, she went really blond you can still see the blond on the tips. As her hair started to grow it lost the blond and I am not sure where it will go from here, but she has this stunning mop of thick hair ... like a real little Princess. She is mad about Barbie Dolls at the moment and all things 'Girlie'... and... she is the spitting image of her other granny who is beautiful with a very warm heart and kind spirit, so I am fine that she doesn't look just like me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Once in a life time shoes

Now come on, tell me you don't love these shoes :o) I have a story to tell about these, but I honestly can't share it right now. These are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought, that is part of the story!

Diamond Soles

When I was in Scotland a few years ago. I was invited to dinner with some friends. The wife happened to be mad about shoes and OH BOY! did she have a collection. When she put these ones on and walked away from where we were sitting she said. 'Now look at me feet from behind' and they honestly looked like diamonds. I could do with a pair of these. I would probably want them to be a little more dainty. I am not mad about chunky shoes.

Diamond Soles

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Do.

This was taken at a friends wedding recently. After the bridal party went off to the beach to take their pictures I was sitting enjoying the sun set. I love this picture... it speaks to me.


Work this one out?


This is what I love about Photoshop. I was busy on another piece of work and just before I was about to switch off my computer I wanted to see what would happen if a added this little angel underneath and POP this was the result. I really liked the way it came out almost like a drawing. Please don't ask me what I did, I haven't got a clue. This was one of those freak results.

Bling and Journal Bling

Mad about bling !
I was pleased with the way this turned out.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I can never get over the talent of this young STAR... absolutely incredible and I love her.


I am just giving you the opportunity to listen to this incredible young star... I LOVE her...

If you knew my heart

How can anyone be so talented ... I want to share my favourite artists and lyrics... this is just another of all the ones I love..

Mike and the Mechanics

Beautiful words. The first time I heard these words I really thought about my father, who I never knew the way I wanted to. I loved him but I also blamed him for so much of the pain I felt in my own life. Now that he has gone I have had time to reflect and I know that he did the best he could. He came from a generation very different from what it is today... he couldn't communicate the way I know he wanted to. But this song makes me love him and understand... that every generation is different... but we are all the same. He probably felt the same way I do, That is what links the past to the future.

From Phantom of the Opera

Listen to the lyrics.

Cliff Richards and Sarah Brightman

I am now really sharing my heart with anyone who might be reading thing this. There are books certain books that really get to me and songs that do the same and this one is very special to me.

My favourite Lyrics

I am very moved my music. People who are able to say things in song that I feel in my own heart. This is one of my all time favourites.


I love Angels in every shape and form. This is one of mine done in Photoshop. At the moment I am into all the blues as you can see.

Deviant Art

This is one of my favourite websites and one of my absolute favourite artists on the site. He is really talented, even though at times his art can be a bit macabre. I am just fascinated with his incredible techniques when it comes to manipulations. Rick Blackwell.

Beautiful Art work.

I love these altered cards. Take a look and wait for them all to download, worth a visit. Julie Cameron calles this an artist date... but this one is browsing in the internet.

Spelling errors!

Sorry about the spelling errors, sometimes I type too fast, don't check and then oops!

Found Object Bracelet

I mean look at this... I Luuuuuurrrrrve it. This was made my Karen Burn. Take a look at there other stuff. Soon I will learn how to put the link up with out all the blurg. Now come on, tell me you don't love this too?

Photo Manipulations

For those of you who are interested in Photo Manipulations you CANNOT miss this one. Vanessa is a master photographer and I have yet to see someone better at PS than she is.

In the Forest Fey

This is the most beautiful book on Faeries I have ever read. The story is believeable and the photos left me speechless. Vanessa and Kerry are two South Africans who now live in Australia. The book is available on An absolute must for every child and adult to read and makes a very special gift. It is one of the books I would take with me to a desert island.

My grandchildren

I haven't forgotten about them, I have chosen not to put their pictures here but to save them for my own albums. I don't want them to be connected to my website or my organisation.

My Apartment

I love my appartment with views of the ocean. I am at peace. My apartment is sunny, small but comfortable. I have everything I need and have the freedom to paint and be as creative as I want. I am blessed. The apartment  is not as glamorous as some of the homes I have lived in , but there is more peace and calm here than I have ever experienced before.

Sushi and Harley

Oh gosh to put into words what I felt and still feel for these two little dogs I will never be able to explain. They didn't have a piece of my heart, they had ALL of it. I have honestly never felt pain SO bad as I did when they were both died. They died with in months of each other. I loved them with my whole heart. More than my children and my husband? No obviously but in a competely different way. Mans best friend... for sure. I doubt that any animal could get into my heart like they did.


If you are reading this and you are a pet lover than you will know what it feels like to love your pets. They have something about them that cuts through the barriers of your heart and make you smile. Max was the most loving dog I have ever known. This is not easy for me to see these pictures. They still cause me immense pain. I absolutely loved my pets and at the time of my divorce it seemed as though I had lost EVERYTHING, my marriage, my home and my pets. I really understood during this time why people end it all. I don't think most people want to die, I think most people who make that choice simply want to end the pain. I was no different, but my constant thought was.. I might end the pain, but it would leave my children with the pain I was trying to avoid.