Sunday, January 24, 2010

This blog will start at the end!

My book was published in 2007 and since then I have spoken to dozens of people about their experiences concerning abuse, and they have all been shocking, every single one. But what has been incredible to me, is how many people there actually are who have kept silent for so long. There is a forum on my website where people can chat and for some reason, which we are trying to work out why, the forum has gone very quiet.
We had to upgrade the site and as a result we lost a lot of activity, due to some idiot posting unsuitable material. People always ask me... how did you do it? What? How did I get over the incredible pain that I experienced for so many years.

Well that is what I want to share with people here. I wrote in my journal and I used and am still using my art... to heal my soul. Join me on a visual journey and I welcome your comments. All models in my work are from Deviant Art unless otherwise stated.

Well to begin with.... I could never have done this without my relationship with the Lord. I will be posting many different art pieces and I ask you not to judge me for some of the content. I am an artist and use all kinds of subject matter to make my point.

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