Monday, July 18, 2011

Featured Blog Carolyn Saxby

As promised I am going to feature every week some of my favourite blogs. Oh wow how inspiring Carolyn Saxby is with her beautiful work. I have been admiring her for a very long time. Somewhere on my blog I posted one of her hearts about a year or two ago.
What I love about her is not only her magnificent sense of colour, but the sensitive way she communicates through her work. I am not going to say too much about her, I want you to pay her a visit and leave her lots of messages. She has been sick recently with flu and I am sure she could do with some cheering up.

Carolyn has two blogs and a flickr account, take the time to go and see all her work, she really is amazing.
Love Stitching Red. Follow her links to the sketchbook projects 2011, beautiful work, but a very sad story for inspiration.
Flickr account.

If you don't waste most of your day browsing through all her work then I will be very surprised. No matter what medium you work with you will be inspired by her breath taking work.

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