Monday, July 18, 2011

Give Aways

I have never done this before, so this is a first. There are a lot of people who visit my blog from my website who don't leave comments but I am so pleased that you do drop by. I would like to encourage anyone who doesn't have a blog to give it a try, it really is fun and there are some beautiful, caring and talented people out there in the big wide world.
What I am going to do for this first time give away just to see what people really enjoy in my own work is to offer a few give aways just to see the reaction. The one that recieves the most comments will be the one that is given away. You need to say which one you would like to receive if you are the lucky one.
I will be sending two faces. One will be on fabric and one will be on paper. Do with them what you will.
These six little love birds can be used for many different things. Use them in journals, prayer flags, key rings, mobiles what ever.
I will send you an item of pewter for you to use where ever you would like. In other words, you send me the dimensions and I will make something suitable.

We have only got a short while so hurry to leave a comment that is all you have to do :o)


Diane said...

Hi Caryl!! How wonderful these all are, but if I had to choose--I would say the faces. I'm in my new larger art room now, and I need art for the walls!

Sharon said...

Oh Caryl, your little bits of pewter sing to me.

Jane LaFazio said...

I love the little birds!