Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pat Winter

This is really special. Pat is the very gifted lady who made my little comfort doll for my grand daughter. You can order or magazine here.

I have just come back from visiting with my grand daughter and I have a special story to share. For some reason she has not been enjoying school lately and every morning is a tearful gut wrenching good bye with both her and my daughter in tears. I decided to put the little comfort doll that Pat made, into a cute silk bag that I had in my sewing box. It has a long string which I knew she could hang around her neck.

I gave her the doll and told her that when ever she feels sad, she can take the doll out of the bag and hold it close to her heart and she will know that she is loved very very much, by God, by her Mommy and Daddy and by me.

The following day off she went to school and I received an SMS from my daughter to say that it worked like a charm. She got out of the car, waved good bye and went straight in to her classroom. When I collect her from school the first thing she said to me with a smile on her face was, "Pebbie it worked"

Pat's work is beautiful and the detail is breath taking.


Pat Winter said...

Oh what a sweet thing. I love it! I needed a smile today but you gave me a smile and a joyful tear as well. I must make you another for yourself.

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