Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sick n Tired!

I am sorry that I have not been blogging lately. I have been really sick and now I am sick n tired of being sick n tired! I have had flu for almost 3 weeks and I must say it is taking its tole on me. I just can't shake it. One or two good days and them bang... I feel awful again. This of course does not lend it's self to me eating very well and I am sure that is not helping, lacking in all the vital nutrients one needs.
I was hoping to share lots of things about my mother this month, but I just haven't felt up to sitting on my computer. I will be back with a vengeance soon!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sick n Tired

Oh boy am I man down. I have had flu for almost two weeks now and really not feeling up to much so sorry I haven't been blogging for  a while. The little time that I am up and about I am trying to finish some art work for a gallery. I put in  few hours everyday and then back to bed. I haven't been sick in years so it really is not going down well with me. I have swallowed just about every flu pill there is and it is not easing up at all.
Does anyone have any tips.
Hopefully by the time I am feeling better I will have some interesting things to write about and pictures to post. That will be soon I hope.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gentle Reminder

When thinking about my Mum I am often reminded that she was a very lonely person and she was a child of the 'silent generation'. I judged her quite harshly when she was alive and now that I have grown up and been through more life experience I have a tenderness toward her that I wish with all my heart I could express. I wish I was able to look her in the eyes and say... I love you just the way you are.
This is one of my favourite tracks by Mike and the Mechanics and it reminds of both my mother and my father so I wanted to share it. When someone teaches me how to add a video so that the screen comes onto my blog and you can just click on it then I will do that in future but for now the link will have to do. I hope it means as much to you as it means to me. When I do Public Speaking I often play this at the end of my talk.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Art my mother loved

My mother was born in Poona India and my father was born in Peking China. My Mum was an incredible artist and loved chinese art. She did several paintings on silk but unfortunately I didn't get to keep any of them. I know that she would have loved these paintings they are very much her style and her paintings were always of tigers, koi fish and water lilies. I am not sure why she loved Chinese art and wonder if it was influenced by my father?

Isn't this just the most amazing painting I love it and know that my mother would have loved this one too.

Bunking blogging

The past few weeks have been really hectic with visitors from up country so I haven't really had time to blog but since I wanted to dedicate this month to my mother I feel guilty for not doing so. It was her birthday on the 11th May and I was able to spend a large part of the day just thinking about her. I have heard some stories over the years of the kinds of things other people do to remember their mothers.
Continueing to celebrate with dinners with the family and everyone sharing memories of that person. another blogger friend makes her mothers favourite meals on her mothers birthday. I don't do things like that with my family because they are all spread around the world but one thing I do - I write about things I remember in my journal. This month I am going to do some art journal pages to reflect who my mother was. I want to see if I can do some art that speaks volumes about her. This will be interesting.
My mother loved fresh ginger and garlic for example, how I am going to do something around that will have to wait and see.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Indian Door

I don't have any photo's with me so I am sharing a link with you, to some amazing photo's of India.

Mothers Day

May is the month for Mothers Day and I want to pay a tribute to my own mother who went to be with the Lord in 1991. I was thinking a lot about her this past weekend because it was also her Birthday on the 11th May, she would be 86 if she was still here. One of 4 children she was the youngest and only one of her siblings is still alive my Earth Angel aunt mentioned in my book. I had two mothers, my own mother and my aunt. Unfortunately I didn't get on very well with my mother even though I really loved her, we always had a mother and daughter 'thing' going on that never seemed to work it self out, but as often happens, I have had years to think about our relationship and more recently I have thought much about her own journey through life and I wish she was here for me to say...Forgive me, for not understanding life from your point of view. Forgive me for not understanding you more, and for not giving you the patience and compassion that you so desperately needed.
This month I want to share some things that I have found out about her and things I do remember from the time we had together.
I will start doing that from tomorrow. My Mum was born in Poona, India so I need to start at the beginning.