Friday, May 14, 2010

Gentle Reminder

When thinking about my Mum I am often reminded that she was a very lonely person and she was a child of the 'silent generation'. I judged her quite harshly when she was alive and now that I have grown up and been through more life experience I have a tenderness toward her that I wish with all my heart I could express. I wish I was able to look her in the eyes and say... I love you just the way you are.
This is one of my favourite tracks by Mike and the Mechanics and it reminds of both my mother and my father so I wanted to share it. When someone teaches me how to add a video so that the screen comes onto my blog and you can just click on it then I will do that in future but for now the link will have to do. I hope it means as much to you as it means to me. When I do Public Speaking I often play this at the end of my talk.

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