Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear Me

I have been away for a while, not literally but just away in my mind and in my heart. When one is a blogger it becomes like everything else in life, the more you do it the more you enjoy it, the less you do it the more of a chore it seems to be. I don't ever find writing a chore, but I started this blog to help others who had been in abusive relationships, to see that life goes on and it does get better.

There are good days and bad ones too but all in all as long as I move forward that is all that matters to me. I bought this book in the airport going up to visit my family a while back. It really made for some interesting reading and I recommend that you buy it too and do the same thing yourself. Write a letter to yourself when you were 16. I did and it was quite and interesting exercise. You will be surprised at what you have to say to yourself. I then went on to write several letters to myself at different ages and that was something else. A really strange out of body experience. Try it.

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