Saturday, November 13, 2010

Roses and more Roses

I have just finished this painting that I was commissioned to do for Doctors rooms. I have done one for them already and have another 3 to do. I am not sure if they will like it but I am sure it will work, so hold thumbs for me.

With a little help from PD I really love this. I think I am going to try and print this and make some sort of greeting card.
This is another one of the paintings, two down and two more to go. The furniture in the rooms, is French white, with trimmings of gold and a beautiful crystal chandelier.
There is a beautiful little Rose shop near to where I live. It has all sorts of white wrought iron furniture, crystal glasses, and everything else in the shop is roses, table cloths, bed spreads etc. I bought this really cute little container in these colours and decided to paint these to go with it. I am not going to keep these but the owner of the shop wants to see them, possibly for the shop. I love the crazy colours.

I don't paint in this medium , but putting in some practise for my journals.


Patti said...

Beautiful Caryl :)

Shaz said...

All exquisite my friend. X

Linda said...

You have a great talent Caryl...these are all wonderful!