Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bella is in touble

When I was a child my older brother and I used to play Hide and Seek. It was always his turn first. I would sit on the chair and when I opened my eyes he was gone. There was a problem, he would hide so well I could never find him, but occasionally when I was successful and it was my turn my brother would sit somewhere with his eyes closed counting and I would jump on a chair across the room, close my eyes and wait. Obviously my brother would complain and say... You are supposed to hide and when I responded I am hiding, he would get angry and I would cry.

Since I have had Bella as a puppy and I live in an apartment, it required very serious and committed training from me. Firstly I bought a small tray, filled it with grass and I would place her in it at least once an hour, it worked perfectly. One day she messed inside the house on my bathroom mat which I didn't have a problem with because the mat was to be her new loo. All I did is put it out on the balcony and take her to it every now and again. She is 6 months and she has been really good with the occasional miss hap. Kids have mishaps too so I wasn't bothered..... BUT  a big BUT, a mishap in my bedroom was not okay.

This morning she decided my carpet was to be the new venue for her business. When I spotted the little wet spot I shouted at her Naughty Bella... naughty. Well these photo's show her remorse and her shame. The photo with her eyes closed made me think of myself when I was a child. I am sure Bella was hoping that if she closed her eyes I would go away!
I am having a problem downloading the photo's hold on I will be back.

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