Thursday, February 4, 2010

Creative Licence

Dear Mr. Chip. The time has finally come to give you notice and request that you leave the premises of my mind with immedate effect. You have been sitting on my shoulder ever since I gave you the position in my creative space. You have worked diligently and pitched up to work faithfully... day and night... and you have done an exceptional job.... but your work is no longer required. Your position has been replaced with someone who has a different job discription to the one you have filled for so long.

Ms Encouragement will be taking over from you and I would like you to please leave and remove any of your garbage that you have left around in my studio. You set out to damage my confidence and tried to ruin my future, but since I am the one who calls the shots here, I no longer want any dealings with you at all, in any area of my studio or my life.

When you leave, please do not even look back.... I cannot honestly say that I wish you well where ever you may travel but would be happy to give references of your extremely good work to who ever might want to take you on board.... now please leave


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Violet said...

Hi Caryl! Well said : ) I'm glad we will still be able to connect through our blogs since DJ's class. It was so wonderful to 'meet' you there! ~ Violet