Tuesday, October 25, 2011


For the next few weeks I will be posting issues to deal with PTS on this site as well as the other blog ABUSE IS NO EXCUSE, link because we are coming to that time of the year when we are dealing with the issues of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. PTS can be the result of any trauma, but I am relating it to DV.

If you are struggling with insomnia please go to this website. On virtually every program that I have been watching lately, Dr. Phil, Oprah, 3 Talk, Final Justice, CI and various magazines, they are all covering Domestic Violence. It may be boring, depressing for those who have never worn those shoes, but it is far worse for those who have, or are still there. Please be patient, we are all trying our best to bring awareness to this global problem and find some solutions.

I am sharing my own experience on the other blog, please go there if you struggle with lack of sleep and nightmares.

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