Saturday, March 13, 2010

The gift of Love

I had some fun with my camera today. I think we all get into a creative rut at times. Nancy Donaldson sent me a beautiful gift this week and I was thrilled to receive it. wanting to reciprocate I wasn't sure what to share with her so today I made lots of bits and pieces and then will make my decision next week. But while I was painting, cutting up bits and pieces, taking photographs I took this picture. I wanted it to look blurred without doing it in PS. Very happy with the result.
Take a look at Nancy's blog.

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Shaz said...

I left a message for this one when you first put it up but for some reason it didnt show??I really, really love this and am in awe of your ability to see art in everything around you...and then to be able to show the world what you see. You have such a special talent Caryl!