Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This doesn't look that appetizing but trust me it was delicious. You really are going to laugh at this one. When I was preparing the prickly pears, cutting away the skin using a knife and fork, I thought I was being sooo careful, but the tiny little prickles were all over the board where I was cutting up the fruit which went into the paw paw! My mouth was watering when I finally got to take a nice big mouthful. It tasted delicious but a short while later, something was wrong ! Very wrong, I had tiny prickles on my tongue, and the odd one on my lips. Now I don't see too good, so I have done my best to try and see where they are and remove them with tweezers, but without success. I have eaten everything I possibly can today, cleaned my teeth and scraped my tongue with my brush, but I can still feel this little tine pricks in my mouth. So now I have to throw the rest of my fruit salad away. I know what you are thinking !

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Calico Paint said...

LOL! It's great that you can laugh at yourself.