Monday, June 20, 2011

Comfort dolls and Prayer flags

I haven't been blogging for while I have been far too busy settling in back home in Johannesburg and trying to find work. I was really doing so well in Cape Town and since I have been back I have to start making contacts from scratch. Cape Town is truly the art capital of South Africa, thousands of artists live there involved in every single art imaginable. People are drawn to Cape Town for the arts so when some people said I might struggle with competition they were wrong, there is enough for everyone.
Johannesburg is quite different. I think the wealthy are quite happy to buy prints to hang on their walls, they are not crazy about markets, I think they would rather buy their jams and jewels from huge shopping centers and they consider most artists to be weird!
I have been teaching pewter classes at a particular venue but I am also teaching in peoples homes as long as there are a group of ladies who can get together for the class. It is going okay but I still have lots of work to do.
 There are two things I want to start this week which I think are absolutely brilliant ideas... love them love them. I want to start my own prayer flags and I also want to start a comfort doll collecting for PAINE - Please ABUSE IS NO EXCUSE  If you are interesting in sending me a comfort doll I really would appreciate it you can contact me via my email address for a physical address.

If you would like to read up more about prayer flags and follow some of the links please drop by for a visit to PRAYER FLAGS.

Thanks for popping by have a beautiful day.

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